UNICMADE SOLUTIONS LTD — means unique solutions made towards managing business accurately and private cases carefully. Our services contain advices on the proper management while assisting you with required problem solving. Our company specializes in providing accounting, customized business administration and organizational consulting. We advise and take care of your personal wealth and the prosperity of your business idea!

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Tax Preparation Services

Disability Tax Credit Services

Small Business Start up Services

Strong educational background of our employees and their greatest work experience in consultancy ensures to offer you a comprehensive range of financial and also advantageous decision-making solutions in your business and life. We constantly improve the skills of our team and increase their competences to maintain our client’s needs properly.

We make sure to provide advice as accurate as possible, resulting with profitable business ideas empowering cost-effective results. Non-traditional business administration and organization models of solutions are in greatest demand nowadays. We care about your interests!

Our mission is to effectively support clients or their business, enabling to operate at its full capacity and focus on key activities, without wasting energy and attention on administrative matters, which are time-consuming and costly. Thus, entrust your case to us and we will provide you with suggestions to optimize your benefits!

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