Accounting & Bookkeeping

Need help getting organized? Falling behind in keeping the books up-to-date? We can help you get back on track by taking care of your Accounting needs. We are committed to maintaining a high level of professionalism and excellence in every interaction. We work diligently to ensure that you receive the individualized attention you require to have an outstanding experience working with us.
Feel free entrusting you needs to us to get your financial information in order.
Some of our services for Small Business Accounting Solutions:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounts Receivable & Accounts Payable
  • Payroll & WSIB
  • Bank & Credit Cards Reconciliation
  • Financial Statement & Reports

Get reporting that is relevant for you to manage your business well. Control your operations, making them smarter, quicker and cheaper while using our services. Reduce your company overhead and let us understand your business breakdowns or possible treats. You will get the problem solved in the most reasonable manner.
We have been providing Accounting & Bookkeeping Services for many years and by now working with each possible business in every industry. Use our excellent expertise to keep you on the right path.

We mainly Take Care of:

Retail and Wholesale Trade Companies

      • Retail stores and boutiques
      • Local superstore chains
      • General merchandise suppliers
      • Jewelry and accessories sales points

Various Service Oriented Entrepreneurs including:

      • IT Services
        • Software Developers
        • Hardware and Computer Repair Companies
        • Web Designers
      • Legal Practice Firms
        • Lawyers
        • Paralegal Companies
      • Medical Precisionists
        • Message and Therapy Specialists
        • Dentists and Hygienists
        • Psychotherapists
        • Chiropractors
        • Micro-Surgery Experts
        • Health Check Specialist
        • Other medicinal and representatives
      • Real Estate and Property Management Firms
        • Real Estate Agents
        • Brokers
        • Property managing businesses
      • Health Care Industry and Beauty Salons
        • Spa
        • Hairdressers salons and Barber shops
        • Health treatment shops
        • Pharmacies
      • Transportation Service Providers
        • Trucking Business
        • Independent Truck Drivers
        • Taxi Drivers
        • Car Dealerships
        • Car Repair Shops
      • Restaurants and Catering Firms
        • Restaurants: Family & Fast Food
        • Franchised Businesses
        • Import-Export
      • Equipment, Tools and Appliance Suppliers

Manufacturing and Processing Companies

      • Bakeries
      • Food-processing firms
      • Toys manufacturers
      • Electrical goods
      • Rubber and plastic products manufacturing
      • Others

Construction Companies

      • Independent Contractors
      • Constructions firms
      • Sub-contractors
      • Decorating and Design Studios

Non-Profit Organizations

Companies with Mixed Activities

Trust and Joint Ventures

Other Partnerships and Corporations