Disability Tax Credit

Do you qualify for Disability Tax Credit and Claims?

Are you eligible for a $30,000 tax refund* or immediate cash benefit?

Do you have any health problems or wellbeing disorder, which affect your daily life activities? You are not able to get up of your bed at regularly basis? You are struggling walking to the bathroom or take care of your personal hygiene? You cannot hold a glass of water or drink a cup of coffee because of your impartment and feeding dysfunctions? You are helpless to get dressed on your own? Do you have speech defect or speaking deficiency? Are you markedly restricted in a basic activity like vision, hearing or walking? Do you suffer performing the mental functions necessary for everyday life? You need life-sustaining therapy to support vital functions?

All this is very hard and devastating when you are diagnosed with an incapacity or lack of competency to perform any or all day-to-day usual physical or mental functions, which ordinarily possessed by a regular person. We understand it is really very tough; however, you are not alone in this life. We can help you as we care….

We want to make a difference in your life, and we do that by helping you get money you deserve – up to $30,000 for qualified Disability Tax Credit claim cases, plus ongoing yearly credits depending on your situation. Entrust your needs to professionals!

Although money is not everything in life and cannot replace health, but can significantly impact your lives by toping up your family budget considerably. Our team is committed to help people like you with severe and prolonged health conditions to obtain substantial refunds and/or benefits from the Canadian Government that could amount up to $30,000 as a lump sum. The federal as well as provincial government of Canada provides tax relief for physical and mental disabilities. We take care of your family budget a lot!

Contact us to learn about your options. There is no up-front cost to you. Only when you receive your lump sum cash payment we are paid a success fee. The procedure for your case can begin and be processed at any time during the year without any postponements. The sooner, the better as certain restrictions time wise apply.

Eligibility Assessment

Documents Preparation

Case Processing

Federal Approval

Amendments and Refunds

No disability automatically qualifies or disqualifies an individual for these credits. Every individual must be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

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