Case Processing

Depending upon the case the processing time with CRA may vary from 3 months up to 6, however, complicated cases may take even longer. The success of the case and approval significantly depends on its representation to the government authorities. We obtain our success fees only if you get your benefits in full!

Having extensive experience, knowledge and extraordinary practice for recent years, we stretch the time frame for approval considerably. We constantly track the records with CRA to be ready to address the questions if they have such ones. We get you the money you deserve from the Canadian Government!

We submit the dully completed application forms to the government authorities followed by subsequent letter outlining the facts and basis of your needs and requests. Being your representative with CRA, we have an instant access to track the information flow to know if your case is processed. We assure controlling the proceeds in order your documents go smoothly through all procedure stages.

Additionally we prepare all relevant proves and available confirmations to assure the case proceeds within the minimal time frame complying with regulations. If your case is selected for further review by the authorities, we submit added supporting information and worksheets upon request. In case of an unfavorable entire response we do prepare a motivational letter and proves for repetitive consideration. The rejections are extremely rare cases in our practice!

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