Federal Approval

At the time CRA finishes their evaluation, they provide a written notice of assessment to you as an outcome of your case. If you are approved, we congratulate you and start preparing the documents to claim your benefits. Depending upon your case we provide you estimation, how much you should be expecting from CRA. Our success fee is determined then and mutual engagement contract is signed to formalize the agreement. We get paid, when you get paid only!

In case of your application rejection and depending on the CRA feedback content, we prepare all relevant proves and available confirmations to assure all options maximally executed. Our key responsibility is to meet schedule deadlines and undertake steps to do not miss a piece of information which is relevant to omit denies. We are thoroughly prepared to execute available rights of appeal by filing Notice of Objection and inform you about possible case outcome afterwards. We never give up representing your best interest and maximizing your benefit claims!

Repetitive submitting is another key to successful approval. Please call us now to know more about your option!

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