Tax Preparation

Need help getting Taxes done? Struggling to calculate and file your Tax Returns?

Throughout self-assessment estimating the income tax amount can be challenging for you as business owners or on individual basis. Do you know if you owe taxes to the government? Do you collect enough refund? What is your tax payable or receivable? You have to run a business instead of sink in your papers and track your numbers.

Entrust your paperwork for professionals and receive a valuable support for moving forward. We take responsibility and ensure that accounting records minimize the burden of your taxes payable. Our team works with client hand in hand to find out the most beneficial solutions tax wise. Count on our expertise to take care of your Personal & Corporate tax needs.

Some of our services for Small Business:

  •  Tax Preparation Services: Tax Returns:
    • Personal Income Tax Returns (T1)
      • Individual Tax Returns
      • Tax Returns for couples and families
      •  Estate Tax Returns
      • Overseas, U.S and Non-Residents Income Tax Returns
    • Business & Corporate Income  Tax Returns (T1, T2)
      • Self-employed
      • Partnerships
      • Corporations
    • GST/HST Returns
    • Year end closing for Payroll: T4, T4 SUM
    • Previous year’s Tax Return (personal & business)
  • Tax Saving Solutions:
    • Legal reduction of taxable income
    • Maximize all your claims, reductions and credits
    • Tax refunds and outstanding claims
    • Tips to save you money, legally for this and next year
  • Other Tax Services:
    • Various Tax Return Assessments
    • Tax Planning and Deferral Arrangements
    • Income Tax Specific Case Resolutions
    • Customized Health Impairment Applications
    • Assistance in Audits and Appeals

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